Exact Science Responds to COVID-19

First and foremost, we appreciate you and want to extend our sincerest thanks for all you are doing for patients during this unprecedented time. We know it is an especially trying environment; the many ways you are still serving patients is remarkable.

Screening with Cologuard Continues

Exact Sciences remains open and operational, dedicated to doing what we can to continue to safely screen people and temper the screening backlog that will inevitably emerge as a result of this crisis.  Please be assured that Exact Sciences already has procedures and protocols in place to safely handle clinical testing specimens both during delivery and at the Exact Sciences Laboratory. Our procedures include universal precautions when handling specimens to protect against stool pathogen exposure, including COVID-19.  Furthermore, we are taking extra precautions to maintain employee health and safety, while continuing to serve patients and providers.  We are open to your feedback and advice, as we strive to serve patients during this difficult time.


Many providers are now using telehealth to continue to care for patients; at Exact Sciences, we also see the benefits of telehealth and want to make sure that both providers and patients are aware that telehealth can play a role in CRC screening.  As a result, our website, www.Cologuardtest.com, now includes: existing resources for patients to advance the screening conversation with their provider about Cologuard; general information about telehealth; and a link to a third party, independent telehealth provider with whom patients can discuss screening and together, determine if Cologuard is right for them after reviewing patient health information, screening history and risk factors.  In the coming weeks, you may see this feature highlighted in Cologuard promotion, so we want you to be aware.  

Doing Our Part

Finally, we are honored to share that Exact Sciences has partnered with Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers, public health officials, health care providers, Marshfield Clinic, UW Health, Epic, and Promega to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in Wisconsin.  We are leveraging our flexible, automated, and accurate platform to help support testing for COVID-19.  This will allow Exact Sciences to support health care workers, first responders and patients affected by COVID-19.  We look forward to applying the lessons we’ve learned in the ongoing fight against cancer to help bring an end to this public health crisis.