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Caring by Nature is an initiative launched by Pharmavite to provide support to one of the most critical groups of healthcare workers, Nurse Practitioners, by offering unique/custom-built opportunities for self-care in their current high-pressure environment.

Nearly 50 years ago, Pharmavite, the maker of Nature Made vitamins and supplements, helped pioneer the health and wellness industry by providing consumers with real nutrition for their individual needs and helping them live a healthier, more fulfilling life. Backed by science and a commitment to quality, Pharmavite and its products have earned the trust of consumers, healthcare professionals, and retailers alike.

Taking Care of You Infographic
Through a survey conducted in mid-March by Pharmavite, results showcased that even in the best of times, Nurse Practitioners prioritize the health of their patients and families over their own wellbeing.

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Join Us for Zoom Yoga!

There are many elements to maintaining a strong immune system and achieving overall health, including stress management. NAMA-stay in the comfort of your own home and join professional instructor Sara Divello (@saradivello on Instagram) as she leads a customized Zoom yoga session that will have you moving and grooving through her guided flows that aim to rest and restore. The session will take place on October 21. Sessions are open to all Nurse Practitioners and AANP members -  click the registration link below to sign up!



Care Packages

According to a recent survey conducted by Pharmavite, Nurse Practitioners prioritize the health of their patients and families over themselves. Making time for self-care is essential, especially today. In partnership with Pharmavite, we’re sending Nature Made care packages to AANP members who fill out this form, to help recharge and stay healthy. The packages contain Nature Made products and some essentials to help you relax and will be sent on a first come, first serve basis while supplies last. 



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